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July 2, 2008

i’m still here

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It has been a very long time since I updated this blog and I am truly sorry about that. Of course, nobody is reading it so I don’t know why I”m apologizing. I guess because when I started this thing I made a commitment to myself to stick with it and I think the commitments we make to ourselves are perhaps the most important ones we can make.

Anyway, I haven’t updated because I’ve been very busy. There are Facebook quizzes to be taken and lolcats to lol at and lots of stuff to read about on Wikipedia. You see I haven’t been wasting my time. I’ve been very, very busy! Actually, there have been lovely baby showers that needed planning and attending, clay pigeons that needed shooting, and exciting Voces Novae planning meetings and auditions. VN will kick off next month and I will be busy for real for awhile. I think our last season was excellent and next season will be even better. If you live in the Louisville, KY area and have never been to a concert I really, really think you should give it a try. We’re really good if I do say so myself!

So what have you missed my invisible readers? Not much. In fact you should count yourselves lucky i haven’t kept up lately. I have been really mad in recent days. Everything in the world has conspired to annoy me for some reason. And the more annoyed I get the more the world conspires. Funny that. Well not really it’s how things work, you know. What you resist persists, right? So my resistance to things that will annoy me (the silliest of which is sleeves that don’t stay pushed up when you push them – these are the kinds of tiny irritants that have made up my month!) cause everything around me to be annoying. Got it? Good. End of lesson. I hope you’ve learned something.

I have thought of doing another garden update, but since this entire blog is so far about 90% about my deck garden, I thought that might be a little repetitive. So here’s the garden update (no pictures this time):

  • Grape tomatoes ripened: 3
  • Brandywine tomatoes growing: several
  • winner of fastest-growing-plant award: Cilantro (with mint coming in a close second)
  • Biggest garden bully: zucchini (it keeps crowding the cucumbers, which are continually wilted and sad looking and seem to be running away from the zucchini plant)
  • The Basil is delicious and I am very excited to see blossoms and some little bitty peppers starting on my hot pepper plants
  • The sage has truly died. I think it didn’t appreciate falling out of the planter very early on.
  • The marigolds are flourishing in some places and struggling in others (see bully zucchini above).

I am very much looking forward to a relaxing long weekend. I don’t care much for fireworks, but I do appreciate the day off!

Well, that’s about it. I have lots of ideas about what I want to say here, but some of the things require pictures I haven’t taken yet. I hope if anyone ever starts reading this they will stick around for awhile. 🙂

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June 12, 2008

garden update

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My deck garden seems to be recovering from the soapfest a couple weeks ago. I noticed aphids on my hot pepper plants and read around and found that a little ivory soap and water sprayed on the leaves would be good. I added a little neem oil to the mix, too, but I think I put too much soap in the bottle. Many of the leaves got spotty and brown. I was afraid I would lose everything! But it seems to be coming back OK. Here are some pictures from last week (6/7)

It all looks even better today. I think the soap scare is over. Even the okra has some more leaves on it and I thought it was completely lost before I even sprayed soap on everything else.

I was going to type more, but nobody’s reading this anyway, so I’m off to the Red Cross. Blood supplies are low and it’s been a very long time since I donated blood.

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May 29, 2008

garden update

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Adding to the excitement here at ‘just an obsurvashun’ i have new pictures from my thrilling deck garden. Click on the pictures to see larger photos.

The okra is not doing so well: I think the cold weather killed it

There are teensy baby grape tomatoes: Teensy, but they\'re there and more tomato starts: Little Tomato Preflowers

The peppers and herbs are doing well: Yellow Pepper Cilantro Spicy Basil

But I’m a little worried about the deck itself:

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May 17, 2008

the fancy camera

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As promised, I have figured out the basics on the high-dollah camera. My husband bought this fancy camera awhile back. He’s taken some pretty good pictures with it. I don’t know where they are, or I would show them to you…

I have been afraid to touch the fancy new camera, but since hubs is out of the house and we canceled the cable a few weeks ago, what else am I gonna do? I took some pictures this afternoon. I have no delusions that I will ever be a photographer, but here are some of the pics:

Sylvie posing in the backyard Honeysuckle in my backyard

Marigolds Oliver the Puppycat in the Window

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May 15, 2008

container gardening

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I’m not really an outdoor person. I think I am, or that I want to be, then I go outside and swiftly change my mind. There are bugs out there. And weather. And dirt. And stuff…

I do, however, like fresh herbs and veggies. And I like to save money (I guess my Scottish ancestry is to blame for that and there’s apparently something about being a Capricorn, too). But the only part of my yard which gets full sun is the back deck. So I’ve had a few herbs in pots out there over the years. Last year I grew a tomato plant which was systematically destroyed by 2 horn worms, so I got about 2 tomatoes off it. Heartbreaking. This year I’ve expanded my “crop” to include: 2 tomato plants (2 kinds: brandywine and grape), 4 hot peppers, 2 sweet peppers, and one each of okra, zucchini, cucumber, sage, cilantro, thyme, peppermint, spicy basil, and marigolds in each pot to keep the hungry bugs away.

So we’ll see how this goes and maybe next year I can rent a tiller and have a real garden in the little grassy part of the yard that gets some sun (ok, so I lied about the deck being the only part that gets sun. There is a little sunny patch outside the basement door, right next to the deck but I can’t see it from the kitchen, so it tends to slip my mind).

Zucchini and Cucumber. Hope I can remember which is which... Tomato plants and marigolds Mucho Nacho, Banana, Poblano, and Red Chile Peppers

The pictures were taken with a crappy camera. Sorry, folks. The high-dollah camera confounds me. I’ll try to learn to use it for next time, mkay?

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