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January 21, 2009

feeding the instant gratification troll

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I’ve recently taken up knitting again and I have my friend’s daughter to thank for it. When I was at their house recently, she said to me “Remember when you said you’d make a hat for me and you never did?” I do remember saying that and have felt guilty for about 2 years. I came straight home and made that hat for her. I’m hoping to get it to her soon so she can wear it before winter is over…

My friend’s daughter is not the point of this post. Neither is the hat. Knitting is not a practice for those of us who have a hungry instant gratification troll (igt – pronounced “idgit”). It is something that takes patience and time and attention. The instant gratification is the purchasing of the supplies required for making a particular project. Or supplies for no project in particular.

I was at the yarn store a couple weeks ago and saw some great wool which I knew would knit up like the ragg socks I used to wear in high school. I had to buy it, even though I knew it was too thick to knit socks without altering a pattern, which I don’t have the patience for just yet. And I also ignored my sock history which goes something like this: “Woo hoo! I finished a sock. Man that was hard. I’m not doing that again!” So I have a some hand made single socks with no mates. This has not deterred me from continuing to try to get a whole pair finished.

I brought the wool home and started searching for a simple sock pattern. I found one I liked and started knitting. I decided against finishing the guage swatch (my usual MO). I figured if the socks were too big, I could just felt them and make slippers. I got the first sock done to just past the arch of my foot and I realized neither over-sized socks nor felted slippers were going to satisfy me. I had to get different yarn and the right-sized needles. Yes, I know that a little time and some simple math would enable me to knit whatever I want with whatever yarn and needles I choose. Did I mention I have no patience? I have, however, discovered the joy of knitting on two circular needles. It’s really easy and looks super-impressive to people who don’t knit. 🙂 My priorities, let me show you them.

So this morning the igt started whispering to me. You see, I got a gift certificate to a lovely yarn store across town and I am very excited about using it. However, it is not within lunch-break driving distance. Tomorrow is my day off, but I can’t wait that long I need new yarn NOW so I can start these socks for real TONIGHT and stop fooling myself with the giant socks/slippers plan which I know isn’t going to make me happy! So I spent my lunch break at the yarn store where I got the ragg yarn to begin with. I bought new needles and more yarn than I need (just to be sure I have enough – I hate getting near the end of a project and realizing I need another foot or two of yarn!)

This evening, I have begun the second attempt at this pair of socks which were inspired by the yarn I refuse use for them. I’ll let you know how that goes…

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  1. Anja learned how to knit this year at KCD. Apparently, that’s what I am paying tuition for…kniting lessons. Seriously though, it is a great hobby and very relaxing. She even attempted to teach me how to knit, but my hot dog fingers are not nimble enough.

    Comment by Justin — January 22, 2009 @ 7:46 pm

  2. u better git sum pasheeunce cuz I be wuntin me sum of ’em thar Shirry socks…

    Comment by Jenny — January 23, 2009 @ 8:06 pm

    • I’d tell you I”ll make you some socks, but your daughter can tell you how that will end. 😉

      Comment by smacky — January 23, 2009 @ 10:37 pm

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