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November 8, 2008

semi-sustainable breakfast

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I just had a delicious breakfast made from mostly fresh, mostly local, mostly sustainable ingredients! This week I joined the local Weston A. Price Foundation co-op where I purchased a dozen eggs and some cheese and milk. I also picked up veggies and lamb chops and sausage links and some other wonderful-looking stuff from Ralph and Kathy Packard’s Misty Meadows Farm.

The part of my breakfast that makes it only semi-sustainable is that I thawed and re-heated some bisquick pancakes I had made last weekend. However, wasteful hater of leftovers that I am, I am proud to have saved them and used them, rather than throwing away half a batch of pancakes. Also, we’ve had this giant box of Bisquick for awhile and I don’t want to waste it. Anybody know of any non-edible uses for Bisquick? Is it good for caulking bathroom tiles? With all the other good food, I started to wish I’d made whole-wheat pancakes…

So I fried some eggs and cooked some sausage. I heated the pancakes and smeared them with almond butter. I poured myself a glass of that delicious grass-fed milk (I used to hate milk, couldn’t stand to drink it) and sat down to my lovely breakfast. J ate all of his, too. NOM!

Anyway, I was so excited about my yummy breakfast and all my new foods I just had to share it with my blog. I share so little here, you know. 🙂 It was the perfect addition to a wonderful week (President Obama!)! Now I’m off to a yoga class at the gym. Go me!

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  1. lamb chops? Sausage? what happened to my vegetarian roommate?

    Still have cats I hope.


    Comment by Michelle — November 8, 2008 @ 9:19 pm

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