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August 30, 2008

is your head spinning yet?

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With the Democratic Convention closing and the Republican Convention getting rolling I thought I might provide a little public service announcement for my imaginary reader. <waving> Hallo, imaginary reader!

I have a real problem with being lied to and manipulated by the very system that is intended to serve me. (And I think you should, too. But do whatever you want…) Problem is, I don’t have hours every day to sit down and sort out what’s real and what’s not. That’s why I’m happy to have resources like Snopes.com so I can see if the latest email forwarded by someone who cares about me and wants to warn me about the newest techniques being used by purse-snatchers around the world is real or made up.

Several months about I heard about a great website called FactCheck.org. I love what these people are doing! They catch the mud being slung and sort out water from the dirt, so to speak. They do the research so I don’t have to. And they don’t take sides! It’s great!

No matter who you support you can get the facts on your guy and the other guy so you know what’s what and are prepared to make an educated decision rather than a manipulated one.

Check it out. They’ll even let you sign up for an email alert when they post new information. It’s just grand!

Share your love and shine your light.


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